Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lets go for a little Ride

With my new bike and a bike seat for Maddie we've been making the most of the few nice days we've had to go riding.

of course it was me that got the puncture, but at least I didn't go over dog poo like I normally do.

Bathtime fun

not another crazy hair style

wearing a shower cap in an attempt to stop her Dad from giving her another crazy hair do.

Maddie's new toy, given to her by the little girl from across the road who had out grown it.

little legs - still not walking by herself yet!

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Snow in Spring

We woke early this morning to find lots of snow, a great hangover cure, - I'm a kiwi and still get excited about it. Maddie felt snow on her face for the first time.

A Night Out

We finally decided to trust a non family member to babysit Maddie and we went to a friends 30th Birthday Party in a bar in Hertford.

Annabelle and Kasia from my bumps and babes group

Annabelle's husband Tim with Kev

A Shopping Trip to London

Me, Sam and Maddie went into London on the train for a little bit of shopping on Oxford Street, she was very good, the sheer volume of people meant she could people watch, something she loves. But I think her favourite part was lunch at Pizza Express.

Then we met up with Uncle Scott before catching the train home.

More Uncle Sam

Maddie definitely got use to having Uncle Sam around, she's very fussy about who gives her a bottle.