Saturday, June 24, 2006

My big fat tummy - 12 Weeks

Had my first official driving lesson today, two hours. It went alright, not as bad as I thought it would be and he has the dual brake and clutch which makes me feel less nervous.

Decided to take a photo today, (12 weeks + 1 day) to prove to everyone that yes I do look pregnant, and the two people that offered me seats on the tube weren't' delusional. Unfortunately I'm not ready to look pregnant as far as work is concerned, I was hoping to keep it a secret for another two months. But with the rate my boobs and tummy are growing there is no chance.

Kev and I are doing a 25 mile bike ride tomorrow, I am driving the car to the garage as it's getting serviced on Monday and they said we could leave it there overnight with the bikes in the back and then biking home. Driving lessons and exercise all into one. We will have to have few pits stops on the way though. So over the world cup, impossible to engage in any form of conversation with Kev if the football is on.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

11 Week Scan

I had another scan on Friday and everything is looking fine so far, he was even doing a little dance, which Kev found amusing. (Don't know if its a boy, but I keep on referring to it as a he even though I think we might have girl, - because almost everyone we know has had a boy or is having a boy.)

Work is going well, just really tired and its been hard thinking of excuses not to drink, I'm on two separate courses tomorrow and Thursday, both should be very helpful.

will post a photo in a weekend of my bump

Hardly anymore morning sickness anymore which is great. I'm just eating loads.