Friday, October 27, 2006

Moving Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is moving day, after loads of complications, stressful phone calls, and visits to the solicitors and estate agents.
We finally got the keys at ten to five yesterday after a whole day waiting for them, so we drove straight to the new place to take another look and drop off a few fragile things, it’s a lot smaller than our place we are in now, so we are going to have to be clever with storage and things until we do our loft conversion. My bump is too big for the kitchen as well, I have to twist myself to get in next to the sink, or back myself in.
I went shopping on Wednesday and I think people must think I’m ready to drop, this woman at M&S who was meeting and greeting, said to me, “any day now” and when I was queuing for the toilet this woman asked if I was desperate, and I could go first if I wanted. How embarrassing, I’ve got 10 weeks to go, not 2!!!
I think I may have had some Braxton Hicks contractions last night though, from about 9 until midnight, it was bearable pain though and they didn’t get any stronger. I feel fine this morning.
Lots of last minute packing to do,
Here’s a photo of me opening the door to our new house.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Check up

I had a check up with the midwife today, everything was fine, my blood sugar was a little high, I said well I've only had cherrios for breakfast and she said it would be that, I told her they didn't taste like they had sugar in them, but when I came home I checked the box and they are full of sugar. I think I might stick to branflakes and shreaded wheat from now on.
I told her I was worried the baby was going to be huge, but after she felt my tummy she said it feel like a normal to small size at the moment.

Also went to the dentist today, halfway through I had to get him to tilt the chair back up because the pressure on my back from my tummy was making me feel quesy. Its free treatment until a year after the baby is born as well, not that I needed anything doing though.

I have been talking to Marian and the photo of "my little chubby husband" is not the official photo, there is another one inwhich he looks much nicer, that was just one of the photographers proofs which Graham had.

Trevor is coming tonight, Kev's other brother, we are going out for a curry to our favourite Indian, just up the road, they even know us there, it will probably be our last time, since we're moving soon.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

First Baby Purchase

Yesterday I went shopping on Oxford Street, I left home at 9.30 and got home at 2.30 and had to have a hour and a half nap to recover. I initially I went to get a pair of maternity trousers for myself but I got carried away and decided to do lots of window shopping as well. Marks and Spencer’s were having a sale and it was crazy, but I did manage to get a £3 nightie for giving birth in. I had to fight a middle-aged lady over the last size 14, she probably felt sorry for me when she saw my bump.I made the fatal mistake of looking at baby stuff in Gap and they had a sale rack, I just had to buy something. I started wishing I knew the sex of the baby because there were so many cute blue and pink things.
I took a photo but I can't upload it on our crappy dial up connection

Friday, October 13, 2006

28 Weeks

Three Monkeys

Here's a photo of our nieces and nephew, from left Matthew, Olivia and Harriet, this is from the bank holiday weekend in August, when we had a BBQ at Kev's parents. I've been meaning to put it on for ages; I don't seem to be able to upload photos at home so I used the scanner at work.

Big Mama Bras

I had a proper bra fitting yesterday, initially I was a little shy, I tried on about 20 bras but by the end I was standing there talking to the girl completely bra-less. I'm sure she has seen them all before, especially since it’s a bra shop designed for large breasted women. Anyway I am now wearing a size which is so ridiculously big I'm ashamed to tell anyone apart from my Mum and Kev. Please let them shrink back eventually!!! But they told me I can go in any time and they will check my bra for me to make sure its still the right size and I can go in two weeks before my due date to get some nursing bras fitted. She told me I was carrying my bump quite high, which I didn't think I was but I think she is right, I seem to have grown a lot in past few weeks, I used to be able to place my hand under my bra and there would still be a big gap between it and where my bump started, that’s disappeared now. I've been suffering indigestion the past few nights as well. (Could be a boy!!) Its my last day on my temping assignment today, the guy I work for is working from home and the only person that I sit within talking distance to is away as well. Hopefully I can read my book without anyone noticing, there is only so many times you can check your yahoo account and look at baby websites.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sore ribs

I'm bored at my temping job thats why I have been doing so many updates.
But I take back everything I have been saying about the baby not kicking high up and pressing on my ribs, because it has started today. Because I seem to be carrying quite low I thought I might get away with not having to deal with that. My bump has grown a lot in the last week, and even now sitting at my desk I can't really get close enough because it's in the way.
And last night when i got home my toes were even fatter than normal. Today I didn't wear my wedding ring for the first time as its just getting too tight, I haven't been wearing my engagement ring for weeks now but it feels really strange not wearing either.
I will post a photo on friday.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Our new place

We have bought the top floor flat, but thats our front door in the photo, front door for the ground floor flat is at the back. It was built in 1889, it has lots of character and potential and eventually we will extend into the loft space. Both Kev and I can't wait to move in now, it will be great to finally have our own place.

Monday, October 09, 2006

my little chubby husband!

Kev is going to kill me but I couldn't resist, here's a photo of Kev with his two brothers, hes the one in the middle with the huge cheeks and the startled look on his face, isn't he cute, he was a very big baby, over 9 pounds.

Friday, October 06, 2006

27 Weeks

I'm 27 weeks today, 13 weeks to go, which is very scary, in just over three months we will be parents. I haven't brought a single baby thing yet. But hopefully I won't need to buy much stuff at the start anyway because Kev's family are being so generous and I got a lovely parcel from Mum and Dad with lots of neat things.
Hopefully we will be moving three weeks time, fingers crossed as there are a few complications and we have also found out that someone is moving into our old flat the same day!!! I have told Kev I can't do homelessness at 30 weeks pregnant!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Working Girl Again

I've joined the workforce again, even if it's only for two weeks. I feel normal again, after too many weeks sitting at home stuffing myself with chocolate and daytime telly it feels good to be sitting at a desk for 7 hours a day.
Kev told me yesterday I looked so nice and smelt so clean!!! Charming! I was wearing makeup and perfume for a change and nice clothes instead of a t-shirt and jeans.
I'm working as a PA to a Head of Division at Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education) it's my 2nd day and so far pretty easy.