Monday, December 28, 2009

Boxing Day

Christmas Day

Someone must have told Father Christmas that Maddie and Caleb were staying at Grandma and Grandads house for Christmas.

Xmas Snow

We had lots of snow for Xmas eve at Kev's parents place


Maddie in her uniform and outfit for her Xmas Show, The Blues Brothers, she was a Brass Monkey. Her teachers said she did really well especially since she is new, she got up and did her dance and clapped the whole way through.

Garden Centre Visit

A visit to the Garden centre before Xmas, one of Maddie's favourite places

Caleb - Six Weeks Old

He has already started to cry when we take him out of the bath, another water baby like his sister.

Ice Skating

Before Christmas Kevin took Maddie ice skating for the first time at a garden centre around the corner from us.