Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Not my little baby anymore

After so many people commenting on my son being a little girl , I decided it was definitely time for a cut.  He looks more like a little boy now, I'm not sure if I want him to grow up.  But first a few long haired photos.

just chillin against the tractor
look at those curls

I was unpacking the groceries and turned around and there he was muching on the strawberries

a studio photo we got taken a few months ago

The New Look

still just as cute though

Thursday, September 15, 2011

An All Black?

Our household is definitely a Kiwi household for this Rugby World Cup, Kev has even admitted he wants NZ to win, even if its a NZ v England final.

Even though he's a British Citizen, and never been to NZ, he definitely looks like an All Black in the making, after all, he is half kiwi!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Big School Girl

It's hard to believe but Maddie started school on Monday, she was so excited about it, not nervous at all, and no tears from anyone.  (thats me included)

A new playground

I've just discovered a playground near our place, typical, the last day of the school holidays,  we always drive past the park all the time but I didn't realize there was such a big playground at the back of it.  Its brilliant for under 5s, lots of small equipment.

Sycronised Sliding!

Happy Annivesary

We celebrated 7 years of marriage the other week, Greb babysat for us, so we managed a rare night out by ourselves.

We had a sneak peck at the Cavern Quater, but decided not to go into any of the clubs, just walking around and soaking up the atmosphere was enough.  The guy in the borat mankini and the girls in the extremely short skirts (literally bum cheeks) must have been cold.
with John Lennon? outside one of the Cavern Clubs

Fun in London

I managed to escape the kids and Kev for a weekend.
Just kidding, my supportive husband agreed to look after the kids for the weekend so I could have a long weekend in London with my lovely friend Emma.  We managed to do lots of wonderful things and the weather was glorious too.  It may sound crazy but I love the smell of central London in the summer, it's so distinctive, hot and smelly, quite disgusting really but I guess it holds lots of memories for me.  My first summer in London by myself all those years ago involved a lot of walking around London and most of the time with my little trolley suitcase with me.  I experienced 37, 38 degrees heat in London that summer and it was definitely memorable.

Anyway instead of posting a load of photos, here is just one photo of a scrapbook page I did of our weekend.

Emma and I in Buckingham Palace's back garden