Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Fun in London

I managed to escape the kids and Kev for a weekend.
Just kidding, my supportive husband agreed to look after the kids for the weekend so I could have a long weekend in London with my lovely friend Emma.  We managed to do lots of wonderful things and the weather was glorious too.  It may sound crazy but I love the smell of central London in the summer, it's so distinctive, hot and smelly, quite disgusting really but I guess it holds lots of memories for me.  My first summer in London by myself all those years ago involved a lot of walking around London and most of the time with my little trolley suitcase with me.  I experienced 37, 38 degrees heat in London that summer and it was definitely memorable.

Anyway instead of posting a load of photos, here is just one photo of a scrapbook page I did of our weekend.

Emma and I in Buckingham Palace's back garden


Nanny said...

Love the photo of you and Emma. You both look like a couple of kids!!!

Nomadic Emma said...

That's because we are! So youthful....!

Rachel said...

we could pass for 19!