Wednesday, September 27, 2006

25 Weeks

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Passed my driving theory test

I passed, and I even got 100 % in the multiple choice section. Not that hard really though, the questions are just common sense. I didn't do quite as well in my hazard perception with the simulated video clips but I did pass. Kev dropped me off and I took the bus halfway home and then the tube. I was the only one on the bus that didn't have white or grey hair!
Now I have passed my theory test I can sit my practical driving, I've booked it for the 23rd of October, but I can postpone if my instructor doesn't think I am ready.
Today I put on a top that I only bought three weeks ago and its stuggling to get over my tummy! Last night Kev was staring at my bare tummy and when I asked what he was looking at he said my belly button, it looks like it ready to burst into an outie at any minute!

Seaside and Driving

Kev and I went to the seaside for a picnic on Saturday, initally I wanted to go into London and do something because when we move I don't think we will have as much chance to. But Kev pursuaded me a trip to the seaside was what I needed and a chance to practice my driving.
It was meant to be a lunch time picnic but after a few delays and one of Kev's work mates telling us it was only an hours drive we finally sat down to our picnic at 3.30. We had a near disaster when Kev the navigator directed me to the motorway, which is illegal when you are a learner driver and lots of saturday congestion meant it took us longer than expected. But is was a good day really with me tallying up 130 miles driving and I even got up to 70 miles per hour on the dual carriageway! Don't work that out in kilometres Mum it might freak you out. It was the first night in ages that I didn't have any problems getting to sleep.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bumps and Babes

I went to a bumps and babes group today with my friend Becky, there was one other bump and 8 babes with their mums. It was very noisy, all the babies were between 5 months and a year, none are walking yet but they certainly made lots of noise, it was quite tiring just sitting there for two hours watching mums feeding and entertaining their babies. And little bit frightening.

Friday, September 01, 2006


I had another scan yesterday, everything is fine and normal with the baby, he is very active and wouldn't stop moving the whole time, making it difficult for the scanner to get all the measurements. Today I had my 22 week check up at the hospital and because everything is normal and I'm low risk I don't have to go back now all my care will be under my GP from now on until my due date. Thats a relief as I had to wait an 1 and a half hours for my appointment this morning and because Kev had taken time off yesterday for the scan and couldn't come I had to take the tube three stops and then walk for half and hour to get to the hospital and the same back again. Bring on the drivers licence!! I had a lesson this afternoon, he got me to practice a few emergency stops, he thinks its wise to do it before I get too much bigger.

Long Weekend up North

Kev and I had a great weekend up North last weekend, nice and relaxing.
We looked after Livy and Matt on Friday for a few hours which was fun, merry-go-rounds and ice cream and Southport Pier. Then we had a BBQ with all his family on Saturday the kids had lots of fun creating an imaginary horse and carriage (I have some photos but for some reason can't attach them, I will try again later.)
Kev and I went for a tantem bike ride on Monday, it was good, but it killed my bum, I think its a bit more sensitive than normal. We are next going up to his parents in November, I'm hoping I will still be able to ride with Kev then, but its doubtful I think sheer size of my belly will rule it out and I'm not sure if Marian would let me if I could anyway.
Marian's sister Eileen is letting us borrow a moses basket (that a bassinet for you kiwi's) for the baby to start of with and then Greb and Ali are lending us their cot and Sharon has given us lots of baby stuff too which is great. With me not having a job at the moment and us buying a house its a big help.