Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Passed my driving theory test

I passed, and I even got 100 % in the multiple choice section. Not that hard really though, the questions are just common sense. I didn't do quite as well in my hazard perception with the simulated video clips but I did pass. Kev dropped me off and I took the bus halfway home and then the tube. I was the only one on the bus that didn't have white or grey hair!
Now I have passed my theory test I can sit my practical driving, I've booked it for the 23rd of October, but I can postpone if my instructor doesn't think I am ready.
Today I put on a top that I only bought three weeks ago and its stuggling to get over my tummy! Last night Kev was staring at my bare tummy and when I asked what he was looking at he said my belly button, it looks like it ready to burst into an outie at any minute!

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