Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Seaside and Driving

Kev and I went to the seaside for a picnic on Saturday, initally I wanted to go into London and do something because when we move I don't think we will have as much chance to. But Kev pursuaded me a trip to the seaside was what I needed and a chance to practice my driving.
It was meant to be a lunch time picnic but after a few delays and one of Kev's work mates telling us it was only an hours drive we finally sat down to our picnic at 3.30. We had a near disaster when Kev the navigator directed me to the motorway, which is illegal when you are a learner driver and lots of saturday congestion meant it took us longer than expected. But is was a good day really with me tallying up 130 miles driving and I even got up to 70 miles per hour on the dual carriageway! Don't work that out in kilometres Mum it might freak you out. It was the first night in ages that I didn't have any problems getting to sleep.

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