Thursday, November 30, 2006

Another Year Older

I had a lovely birthday yesterday, even though it did start a bit early with birthday text messages at 5am, (we are 13 hours behind over here Kiwi's)
Thank you to everyone for the cards/messages and presents.
My naughty husband spoilt me and gave me a huge bunch of roses and lilies and chocolates, I told him we need to save our money but he never listens to me. He also got me the canvas's I was wanting as well which I am going to paint animals on for Spiros room. Not much progress on the room yet, by the end of this weekend hopefully we will have the kitchen sorted.
We went to the supermarket and I stocked up on Nappies and wipes and stuff if it did decide to make an early appearance we would beable to manage.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New Hospital

I booked in yesterday to my new hospital, the two midwives that I met seemed very nice, and they were all very organised. Kev feel asleep in the chair while we were going over my records from the old hospital, apparently he did it a few times but woke himself up, I only caught him once and whacked him. Poor little love, we did get up at 5.30 and he drove all the way down from his parents and the room was very hot.
The baby is head down, the midwife had to get a second opinion though as it was moving lots. I'm measuring two weeks bigger still so instead of 34 cms I'm 36 cms.
I had a blood test as well and didn't even feel faint, she took three tubes, Kev said I looked like a little kid when I came out the the blood test cubicle I had a big cheesy smile on my face - I was so proud of myself for not feeling faint.
I'm 29 tomorrow!!!!

Weekend with Kev's Family

We had a lovely weekend up in Lancashire with Kev's family, we stayed Thursday night with Graham, Ali and the kids and then three nights with Kev's parents.
Marian spoilt us all and cooked a huge roast dinner on Saturday, it was kind of like a Christmas dinner really since we won't be there for Christmas.
I had some men who I didn't even know rubbing my tummy in the pub on Friday night, and lots and lots of stares too. Luckily the pub wasn't too busy, we stood by the door so I didn't overheat and it wasn't too smokey.

Kev's family have been so generous and given us loads and loads of baby things, which is really good for us since I haven't been working and us just buying the house money is a bit tight at the moment.

Matt, Kev, Livy & Harriet

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Why you shouldn't wear Stripes

33 1/2 Weeks
What was I thinking when I brought this top! I kind of thought that the stripes across my belly might detract from how large my breasts are. Apparently not. They shouldn't make maternity clothes with horizontal stripes anyway, its just cruel, because disillusioned pregnant women like me buy them thinking it looks ok in the shop and then we see our reflection in a shop window and realize it was a big mistake. People already think I'm ready to drop now as it is so I might just keep this one for wearing at home.

But I don't look pregnant from behind though, well not really, just a little bit bigger around the hips, I even got a toot from some boys in a car, they were coming from behind, they must have got a shock when they actually drove past and saw my belly!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lots to Do

There is still lots to do around the house, especially the kitchen and Spiros' room, the sofa still hasn't arrived either. We will hopefully get the kitchen done next weekend, and then I will have my new oven, so I can start stock piling the freezer with meals and baking for January. We are going up north this weekend, both Kev and I can't wait, it will be almost three months since our last trip up. A photo of Spiros room, but hopefully within 3 weeks it will be transformed, its full of stuff at the moment and even our fridge. I will post another photo once its done. Lets hope he doesn't come early.
Also another photo of me painting the bath panel, don't worry I had both the windows open. (Please ignore Kev's 90s sports top that I'm wearing) At the moment i'm wearing that around the house and a really old pair of trackies, which can only sit under my tummy, I look like a middle aged man with a beer belly!! Very attractive.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Communication with the outside world

At Last!!!
Finally the cable guys came around and installed our TV/phone and broadband. Both Kev and I were going insane, we could only get one channel on each tv at a time and then it was fuzzy and black and white most of the time anyway. So I have gone back to a few old posts and added photos as well.

I had a check up last week with the doctor and she said Spiros was head down and very low in my pelvis which she was surprised at. I'm also measuring two weeks bigger as well, "A nice big healthy baby" she said. Nooooooooooo. I don't want a big baby, but apparently smaller babies don't make for an easier birth anyway.

Both Kev and I have been busy doing things around the house, we are working on the kitchen now, these are photos of work in progress, I will post some new ones, once it is all done, its a race against time now to get everything done before Spiros is born. We were planning on just living with the kitchen as it is until we do the loft conversion but we have decided to improve it because we don't know exactly when we will be able to do the conversion.

I went to a card making class on Wednesday which was lots of fun, Kev kept on saying it will be a great opportunity to meet new people. Joan and Chris the other two in the class were telling me it was a great way to relax in their retirement!!! Maybe I will have more luck with the mothers group.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Another Week in Hertfordshire

And 32 Weeks
Another week has passed in our new house and we are a little bit more sorted. Kev has loaded lots of stuff into the loft space so we can actually get into our lounge and spare bedroom now. Still no sofa or telephone yet, should have the sofa within a few weeks, but the phone/cable people are taking their time.
We have a new washing machine too, delivered by the 9 fingered man, Kit Kat - (four fingers) someone who works with Kev, Kev wasn't home and he couldn't lift it up the stairs by himself so I had to entertain him for half an hour, Kev was really worried I was going to ask him why hes called Kit Kat, supposedly I ask inappropriate questions!!! But we had a great chat about fish and NZ.
And hopefully next week we will have a new fridge/freezer and oven.
I had a nice chat with a man on the bus today, he was telling me all about his wife's agonising childbirth and his father picking up the superbug at hospital. Thanks for that!
I have taken a photo of myself, but I won't beable to load it until we get the internet at home. Little Spiros is still moving lots, both Kev and I can actually feel limbs now which is quite freaky.
I have a doctors appointment this afternoon, she will be booking me into a new hospital in our area which will be good, also I got a call from NCT (National Childbirth Trust) asking if I was still interested in doing their classes, they are hoping to organise a class in our area before Xmas, if its after Christmas it won't be much benefit to me or little Spiros

Saturday, November 04, 2006

31 Weeks and lots of tears

We moved in ok, but for a few days we were surrounded by boxes, our old place was a lot bigger and we brought stuff to fill the space when we moved from our flat in Camden.
Both Kev and I love the area, I've been exploring a lot, well really just hopping on the wrong buses and then trying to find my way back home. I got it completely wrong and ended up crying my eyes out on the side of a main road, a bit embarrassing now, but it felt like the worse thing ever when it happened. A few other scenes this week too - hormones!!
We don't have a landline yet, so I'm doing this on the computer at the library, fingers crossed next week.