Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New Hospital

I booked in yesterday to my new hospital, the two midwives that I met seemed very nice, and they were all very organised. Kev feel asleep in the chair while we were going over my records from the old hospital, apparently he did it a few times but woke himself up, I only caught him once and whacked him. Poor little love, we did get up at 5.30 and he drove all the way down from his parents and the room was very hot.
The baby is head down, the midwife had to get a second opinion though as it was moving lots. I'm measuring two weeks bigger still so instead of 34 cms I'm 36 cms.
I had a blood test as well and didn't even feel faint, she took three tubes, Kev said I looked like a little kid when I came out the the blood test cubicle I had a big cheesy smile on my face - I was so proud of myself for not feeling faint.
I'm 29 tomorrow!!!!

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Melissa said...

Have a great birthday!