Friday, December 14, 2012

12 on the 12th

I haven't done this since March, but I thought the 12.12.12 was a pretty special date to play along with my favourite blogger's challenge.

12 on the 12th  - dear lizzy

some very ordinary photography, its hard work trying to get any time to take photos on a week day, so its just photos around our place and our village.

everyone needs a hard hat to eat breakfast

a bit frosty this morning, -1 degrees when I went for my run

sulking now because I wouldn't let him take a photo

apparently there is nothing more satisfying than chopping and spilting your own wood for your log burner!

Xmas tree on the way to pick Maddie up from school

I always have to save letters for Maddie to post on the way home from school

our neighbours very festive front door


advent calendar treats, last year I had to hide all the treats and bring them out each day because Caleb didn't understand the whole concept of an advent calendar.  This year he is showing lots of self-restraint, which must be hard for a 3 year old.

advent candles being blown out

Monday, December 03, 2012

Harvest Festival

In October Maddie's school and our local church celebrated the harvest, the church was decorated with local corn, wheat, fruit and vegetables, the children bring baskets of fruit and vegetables to give thanks for a successful harvest.  Its been a tradition in Britain since the pagan times and I think a nice tradition to keep up in our small village.  But for Maddie the most exciting thing was the chance to dress up. 

Maddie with her cousin Olivia