Saturday, December 30, 2006

Kitchen Before and After

Kev finished the kitchen just before Christmas, he has made a really good job, considering its just a re-hash to tide us over until we do the loft conversion and put a whole new kitchen in.
The old owner has even asked if he can do a kitchen for him in one of his property's. Penny as you would say "it's his business"



Head down

Its definitely head down, so no need to worry yet, but the head is still very high up which maybe an issue, the midwife said "oh we just let you go into labour and hope a few good contractions will bring the head down". Fingers crossed the head comes down before I go into labour or as she said as the alternative is a c-section.

39 Weeks

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bum or Head

I just had an appointment with the midwife, she is pretty sure that the baby is head down, but not 100%, she can't tell if its a little bum or a head at the top. Because its my first baby too my muscles are quite tight and its hard to really feel properly. So I've got to go to the hospital tomorrow for a scan, if its breech then they may try and turn it or we will have to discuss an elective caesarean. I'm feeling very uneasy about the whole thing and Kev is telling me not to stress which is just winding me up and getting me even more grumpy.
I'm grumpy because I developed stretch marks on Boxing Day, after almost 39 weeks and to get them right at the end. It must have been my big Christmas lunch, they are really small just around my belly button but I thought I had gotten away with not getting them. Its not so much getting them its just to almost make it to the end of my pregnancy and get them which is gutting. I shouldn't complain as everything else has been fine so far. Fingers crossed little Spiros is head down tomorrow.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

Yesterday we went supermarket shopping at 5am!!! And it was busy. I think everyone else had the same idea as us. We have everything for our big Christmas Dinner tomorrow for just the two of us, roast beef, roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding, brussel sprouts, carrots, peas, and little sausages wrapped in bacon. Followed by toffee and pecan roulade and organic vanilla ice cream.
No baby developments, just lots and lots of crazy kicking last night and I'm really tired.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Comparison Photos

Me at 12 Weeks when I thought I looked really pregnant!!! and me now at 38 Weeks

Enough DIY

Ok I know we have to get it done and this is the last big job but its really getting on my nerves, the washing machine is in the living room, the cupboard doors are off and I have to try and squeeze my body around things, I have lots of brusies on my upper thighs to prove I'm not squeezing enough. But I shouldn't complain because Kev has done a great job, he has worked non stop really since we moved in to get everything looking nice for us. He's great. My DIY hero. So please little Spiros don't come until after the holidays so your Dad can have a chance to relax first.
Photos of the big bump and me looking grumpy in my messy living room.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

So Bored

I'm getting really bored now, watching 4 episodes of Charmed a day is loosing its appeal, and there is nothing else to do really around the house, well that I can do anyway.
On Monday the power went out for 3 hours and I completely freaked, I thought is was the end of the world, almost in tears, I was so worried that it wasn't going to come back on and I would have to throw away all the food in the freezer. But I did get to meet our neighbours which was good and they seem really nice. I'm glad it wasn't today because it is absolutely freezing here, very frosty.
Just did a quick measurement and my tummy is measuring 43 inches wide, its been 42 for about a month, I'm hoping it doesn't get too much bigger.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Last Night out for a while

We went out for dinner last night with another couple, they are pregnant too, she is 4 weeks behind me. Quite possibly our last meal out for a while. I'm looking extremely fat and Kev is looking hung over from his works party the night before.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bumps and Babes and Check up

This morning I met up with two other Mums to be in Hertford. There was meant to be 8 of us who are all due in January but the others were busy or still working. It was nice to talk to other first time Mums as well, we all had the same worries and concerns. We are going to met up again at the end of January again with our babies.

Also had a check-up with the midwives today, I had three of them, so they were very thorough, they were admiring my firm stretch mark free belly as well!!! I'm measuring a lot bigger than is normal but they seem to think I have a lot of fluid and its not all baby. Little Spiros is very low in the pelvis but not quite engaged yet so they think I will be another few weeks at least. But everytime I go out now I keep on thinking what would happen if my waters broke in this shop or on this bus or things like that, I don't really want to venture too far away from home either.

Monday, December 11, 2006

A little more organised

Well the house is gradually getting there, at least we have a fridge in our kitchen now not in the baby's room. We put the cot up yesterday and organised a few other things in the room as well, its starting to look a bit like a baby's room now. Now I've got loads and loads of baby washing to do, sheets, face cloths bibs etc and there is no point waiting for a nice day, no chance of that in the middle of December.
Still no stretch marks on my giantantic belly but my skin is very stretched, it feels very thin and I can feel Spiros feet when he kicks. Fingers crossed I don't get them as I've only got another 3-4 weeks to go.
I'm thinking about packing a bag for the hospital this week, I don't think its coming soon though, I think hes too cosy inside. (despite everyone including complete strangers telling me it looks like i'm ready any moment)

Friday, December 08, 2006

36 Weeks

and looking huge, I think I might have dropped a bit, hard to tell from the photo though.
I got two more lovely presents today in the post, little Spiros is so spoilt already.
We still don't have a working oven, its been a week now, we have done the microwave pasta, the pot noddles and the George Foreman grill, I'm getting a little bit grumpy about it. Cyril the gas man, one of Kev's mates came to install the gas hob but he didn't have the right fitting, and now it could be another week before he is back, so much for cooking and freezing meals before the baby comes, we could be having a microwave Christmas dinner at this rate.

Friday, December 01, 2006

35 Weeks

I couldn't decide which photo made my bump look smaller!!! So here's both, feeling like a 20 tonne whale now. If things fall on the floor I tend to just leave them until a pile develops and I pick them all up at the same time. It too much effort and not to mention the huffing and puffing. I have done some mailorder shopping for the baby today so that has cheered me up. The hospital tells me I'm 35 weeks but I'm convinced I'm 36. This baby is just getting too big for me. Its not moving as much anymore either, its running out of room, especially compared to last weekend when it was going crazy when we were staying at Kev's parents.