Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bumps and Babes and Check up

This morning I met up with two other Mums to be in Hertford. There was meant to be 8 of us who are all due in January but the others were busy or still working. It was nice to talk to other first time Mums as well, we all had the same worries and concerns. We are going to met up again at the end of January again with our babies.

Also had a check-up with the midwives today, I had three of them, so they were very thorough, they were admiring my firm stretch mark free belly as well!!! I'm measuring a lot bigger than is normal but they seem to think I have a lot of fluid and its not all baby. Little Spiros is very low in the pelvis but not quite engaged yet so they think I will be another few weeks at least. But everytime I go out now I keep on thinking what would happen if my waters broke in this shop or on this bus or things like that, I don't really want to venture too far away from home either.

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