Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bum or Head

I just had an appointment with the midwife, she is pretty sure that the baby is head down, but not 100%, she can't tell if its a little bum or a head at the top. Because its my first baby too my muscles are quite tight and its hard to really feel properly. So I've got to go to the hospital tomorrow for a scan, if its breech then they may try and turn it or we will have to discuss an elective caesarean. I'm feeling very uneasy about the whole thing and Kev is telling me not to stress which is just winding me up and getting me even more grumpy.
I'm grumpy because I developed stretch marks on Boxing Day, after almost 39 weeks and to get them right at the end. It must have been my big Christmas lunch, they are really small just around my belly button but I thought I had gotten away with not getting them. Its not so much getting them its just to almost make it to the end of my pregnancy and get them which is gutting. I shouldn't complain as everything else has been fine so far. Fingers crossed little Spiros is head down tomorrow.

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