Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lots to Do

There is still lots to do around the house, especially the kitchen and Spiros' room, the sofa still hasn't arrived either. We will hopefully get the kitchen done next weekend, and then I will have my new oven, so I can start stock piling the freezer with meals and baking for January. We are going up north this weekend, both Kev and I can't wait, it will be almost three months since our last trip up. A photo of Spiros room, but hopefully within 3 weeks it will be transformed, its full of stuff at the moment and even our fridge. I will post another photo once its done. Lets hope he doesn't come early.
Also another photo of me painting the bath panel, don't worry I had both the windows open. (Please ignore Kev's 90s sports top that I'm wearing) At the moment i'm wearing that around the house and a really old pair of trackies, which can only sit under my tummy, I look like a middle aged man with a beer belly!! Very attractive.

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