Friday, November 10, 2006

Another Week in Hertfordshire

And 32 Weeks
Another week has passed in our new house and we are a little bit more sorted. Kev has loaded lots of stuff into the loft space so we can actually get into our lounge and spare bedroom now. Still no sofa or telephone yet, should have the sofa within a few weeks, but the phone/cable people are taking their time.
We have a new washing machine too, delivered by the 9 fingered man, Kit Kat - (four fingers) someone who works with Kev, Kev wasn't home and he couldn't lift it up the stairs by himself so I had to entertain him for half an hour, Kev was really worried I was going to ask him why hes called Kit Kat, supposedly I ask inappropriate questions!!! But we had a great chat about fish and NZ.
And hopefully next week we will have a new fridge/freezer and oven.
I had a nice chat with a man on the bus today, he was telling me all about his wife's agonising childbirth and his father picking up the superbug at hospital. Thanks for that!
I have taken a photo of myself, but I won't beable to load it until we get the internet at home. Little Spiros is still moving lots, both Kev and I can actually feel limbs now which is quite freaky.
I have a doctors appointment this afternoon, she will be booking me into a new hospital in our area which will be good, also I got a call from NCT (National Childbirth Trust) asking if I was still interested in doing their classes, they are hoping to organise a class in our area before Xmas, if its after Christmas it won't be much benefit to me or little Spiros

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