Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Why you shouldn't wear Stripes

33 1/2 Weeks
What was I thinking when I brought this top! I kind of thought that the stripes across my belly might detract from how large my breasts are. Apparently not. They shouldn't make maternity clothes with horizontal stripes anyway, its just cruel, because disillusioned pregnant women like me buy them thinking it looks ok in the shop and then we see our reflection in a shop window and realize it was a big mistake. People already think I'm ready to drop now as it is so I might just keep this one for wearing at home.

But I don't look pregnant from behind though, well not really, just a little bit bigger around the hips, I even got a toot from some boys in a car, they were coming from behind, they must have got a shock when they actually drove past and saw my belly!!!

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