Friday, September 01, 2006


I had another scan yesterday, everything is fine and normal with the baby, he is very active and wouldn't stop moving the whole time, making it difficult for the scanner to get all the measurements. Today I had my 22 week check up at the hospital and because everything is normal and I'm low risk I don't have to go back now all my care will be under my GP from now on until my due date. Thats a relief as I had to wait an 1 and a half hours for my appointment this morning and because Kev had taken time off yesterday for the scan and couldn't come I had to take the tube three stops and then walk for half and hour to get to the hospital and the same back again. Bring on the drivers licence!! I had a lesson this afternoon, he got me to practice a few emergency stops, he thinks its wise to do it before I get too much bigger.

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