Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Check up

I had a check up with the midwife today, everything was fine, my blood sugar was a little high, I said well I've only had cherrios for breakfast and she said it would be that, I told her they didn't taste like they had sugar in them, but when I came home I checked the box and they are full of sugar. I think I might stick to branflakes and shreaded wheat from now on.
I told her I was worried the baby was going to be huge, but after she felt my tummy she said it feel like a normal to small size at the moment.

Also went to the dentist today, halfway through I had to get him to tilt the chair back up because the pressure on my back from my tummy was making me feel quesy. Its free treatment until a year after the baby is born as well, not that I needed anything doing though.

I have been talking to Marian and the photo of "my little chubby husband" is not the official photo, there is another one inwhich he looks much nicer, that was just one of the photographers proofs which Graham had.

Trevor is coming tonight, Kev's other brother, we are going out for a curry to our favourite Indian, just up the road, they even know us there, it will probably be our last time, since we're moving soon.

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