Friday, October 27, 2006

Moving Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is moving day, after loads of complications, stressful phone calls, and visits to the solicitors and estate agents.
We finally got the keys at ten to five yesterday after a whole day waiting for them, so we drove straight to the new place to take another look and drop off a few fragile things, it’s a lot smaller than our place we are in now, so we are going to have to be clever with storage and things until we do our loft conversion. My bump is too big for the kitchen as well, I have to twist myself to get in next to the sink, or back myself in.
I went shopping on Wednesday and I think people must think I’m ready to drop, this woman at M&S who was meeting and greeting, said to me, “any day now” and when I was queuing for the toilet this woman asked if I was desperate, and I could go first if I wanted. How embarrassing, I’ve got 10 weeks to go, not 2!!!
I think I may have had some Braxton Hicks contractions last night though, from about 9 until midnight, it was bearable pain though and they didn’t get any stronger. I feel fine this morning.
Lots of last minute packing to do,
Here’s a photo of me opening the door to our new house.

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Melissa said...

I hope the move went OK!