Friday, October 13, 2006

Big Mama Bras

I had a proper bra fitting yesterday, initially I was a little shy, I tried on about 20 bras but by the end I was standing there talking to the girl completely bra-less. I'm sure she has seen them all before, especially since it’s a bra shop designed for large breasted women. Anyway I am now wearing a size which is so ridiculously big I'm ashamed to tell anyone apart from my Mum and Kev. Please let them shrink back eventually!!! But they told me I can go in any time and they will check my bra for me to make sure its still the right size and I can go in two weeks before my due date to get some nursing bras fitted. She told me I was carrying my bump quite high, which I didn't think I was but I think she is right, I seem to have grown a lot in past few weeks, I used to be able to place my hand under my bra and there would still be a big gap between it and where my bump started, that’s disappeared now. I've been suffering indigestion the past few nights as well. (Could be a boy!!) Its my last day on my temping assignment today, the guy I work for is working from home and the only person that I sit within talking distance to is away as well. Hopefully I can read my book without anyone noticing, there is only so many times you can check your yahoo account and look at baby websites.

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