Monday, February 12, 2007

Smiley Maddie

In the past week Maddie has started smiling, but I haven't managed to get a decent photo yet of her doing it. She hasn't been a very happy bunny at feeding time though, she definitely noticed a difference with the antibiotics and let us all know about it with a few screaming fits. We visited our friends who had a little boy last tuesday who weighed 8 pounds exactly too, he looked so small compared to Maddie who I'm sure must be over 9 pounds now.

She loves cuddling her Dad.

Poking her tongue out is something she likes doing alot.


Nanny Pen said...

What a beautiful girl you are Maddie. You are growing so fast.
Lots of love and kisses from Nanny Pen and Grandad Chook xxxx

Melissa said...

Hello Still family - everyone's looking good and Maddie looks like she's thriving! Melissa xx