Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Maddie's Favourite Things

It's hard to believe but Maddie will be 6 weeks old in two days time, its gone so quickly. She seems to be changing everyday, and demanding a lot more of my time as well. A few weeks ago all she did was sleep and feed, but now she needs a lot more awake time and that means looking at things, she loves lying under her play gym and looking into peoples faces. But most of all she loves having a bath, now instead of crying when we put her in she cries when we take her out!! Also she loves getting naked on her changing mat and looking at Panda and Giraffe on the wall and her little friends Peter Rabbit, Mr Duck and Shakin Creature from cousin Harriet.


Nanny Pen said...

Isn't bathtime fun. You certainly look like are enjoying that Maddie. Lots of love and kisses

Jo Tasker said...

Hiya - I can't believe how much you have grown Maddie. I have a parcel coming over through our UK office - hopefully it will be cheaper than NZ Post! Hope you are all well and keeping warm. It has been really hot here lately. Big hugs and kisses all round. Big Jo