Wednesday, March 07, 2007

10 pounds now

Maddie is 7 weeks old tomorrow and she now weighs over 10 pounds and has grown 4cm in length since her birth.
Another big development is that she has slept through the night the past three nights, not just for 6 hours or so, but almost 12 hours, she has gone to bed at 7.30pm and has woken up at 7am. Shes a little star, great for me as a full nights sleep is definitely a bonus, except the past three nights I have been waking up to check on her because I can't believe she hasn't woken.
We went to Bumps and Babes today, just two other boys, apparently in our area twice as many boys have been born this year as girls. Thats good news for Maddie when she gets older, maybe we shouldn't tell her Dad that though! The coffee morning was actually in a house within a school, the womans husband is a teacher at this private school, which is huge, its a posh boarding school which lots of Prime Ministers have been too supposedly, it even has a mini St Paul's dome thing. Maddie slept though the whole thing practically and then had lots and lots of wind at the end which really impressed them!!!

All ready for the car

I call this the bunny rabbit pose.

What you lookin at!!

Mummy's little girl

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Nanny Pen said...

What a beautiful smile you have Maddie and you are such a good sleeper.

Its great we both have a webcam so Nanny Pen and Grandad Chook can now see you and your Mummy and Daddy.
Lots of love and kisses XXXX