Saturday, March 17, 2007

Big Sleeper

Maddie had another 12 hour sleep last night, for the past two weeks she has been sleeping through the night most nights and if she does wake its normally 5.30 or 6am which is great. She is having a morning nap now and I haven 't heard a pep out of her which is amazing because Kev is drilling and sawing and making all sorts of noise right outside her door.

Shes back sleeping in her basket after I discovered her horizontal in her cot with her head up against the side twice. My auntie in NZ is going to make her a safety harness thing to sleep in which will be good.

Below is Maddie's "bottom lip" this tells us she's not happy and there will normally be tears to follow. Kev just laughs when she does it, such a mean Dad!!!

Having a cheeky sleep in Mum & Dad's bed

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