Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pancake Day and Valentines

According to Maddie, three very important things in one whole week, don't forget Ash Wednesday.
Pancakes on Tuesday, Maddie had a friend over to play after school, I put together lots of different toppings, but the lemon and sugar is always the favourite.
Kev was the chief tosser.

Caleb with his pancake in a pan that he made at playgroup
Valentines treats we made for all Maddie class mates, paper hearts stitched up with love heart sweets instead.

Last year Maddie got a Valentines from a boy in the village, but this year he gave it to someone else in her class, she was most upset. And for some reason Caleb calling out, " be my valentine Maddie, kiss kiss" on the way home from school wound her up even more!!!! Little Brothers

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