Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Getting Bigger

I had my four month check up at the hospital last Friday, we heard the heartbeat which was amazing, like the sound of galloping horses, apparently it's twice as fast as my heartbeat.
I'm starting to feel really big now, I don't feel my tummy is a pretty little bump anymore. I'm starting to feel guility now when people offer me seats on the tube too. But at the same time very grumpy when they don't! - Hormones.
I have managed to go for a bike ride in the forest the last two weekends, but I now realize what people mean when they say I won't be able to do that for much longer, the tummy is starting to get in the way. Now I know why really fat people ride bikes with their knees poking outwards.

My friend Melissa went into labour this morning which is very exciting.

I have vowed to stop watching baby tv as well, its freaking me out about giving birth and making me sad that my Mum won't be here for it.

Kev's parents are coming tomorrow for a long weekend which will be good, and they are bringing some maternity clothes my sister-in-law Ali is loaning me. - Yay, some new clothes, I have four stretching skirts which I have been living in for the past month.

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