Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's now Official!

I told my manager and the owner of the consultancy yesterday, they took it well, and were quite understanding, they are quite pregnancy friendly with someone on maternity leave now, a woman who has just come back and another woman about to go on leave. But I'm still on probation. I think they are just really concerned that they are putting a lot of time and effort into gettting me trained up and then I won't come back after my maternity leave, which is understandable.
A few of the girls in the office told me they had noticed I had a tummy, and wondered whether or not I was pregnant, so I guess it was about time I told them before everyone started noticing.

Kev's brother and sister-inlaw came for the weekend with their two children, they went off to a wedding in London and Kev and I looked after Matt (4) and Livy (2) for a full 24 hours, it was challenging, but it was great, they are really well behaved and great fun.

I will post a photo next weekend of my tummy, its getting quite big, Ali my sister-inlaw thinks I'm going to be huge. Great!

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