Thursday, January 25, 2007

1 Week Old

Little Maddie is one week old today.

She was a bit unsettled early this morning, possibly becaus she overdosed at feeding time. She suddenly increased her feeding time by about ten minutes on each feed yesterday and I don't think her little tummy was used to it. Kev did a good job in calming her down while I caught up on my sleep.


Nanny Pen said...

A week old already. What a beautiful baby our Maddie is. Rach, Kev and Maddie you are doing so well. Maddie must be the most photographed baby in England - its great for all her family in N.Z. She certainly has a fan club here already.
Love and kisses xxx

Cousin Harriet said...

Hello Baby Maddie I really like looking at you on the internet. I am looking forward to meeting you soon Lots of Love Your biggest cousin Harriet xx

Rachel said...

Hi Harriet
Little Maddie is definitely looking forward to seeing you too, she can't wait to meet you when we come up to stay in a few weeks time.
lots of love Uncle Kevin and Auntie Rachel

Nanny Pen said...

Hi guys,

Great Nana in Wanganui thinks Maddie is the best - she already has a photo displayed in the lounge.

Love and kisses xxxx