Sunday, January 28, 2007

A few walks and First Outing

We registered Madeleine’s birth on Friday, and then went supermarket shopping, she slept the whole way through, she loves the baby carrier, and she has also been for a few walks to the river as well.

The midwife came today and she has regained her birth weight and a bit more, she now weighs 8lb 2oz, she thinks she is a very long baby. So maybe that means she won’t be a shorty like her mum

She has found her fingers and loves sucking them.


0324haiwei said...

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Jo Tasker said...

What a beautiful little girl with two awesome parents. You guys are so in control! The real test will be when Kev goes back to work. Keep up the good work. Take Care.
Lots of Love
Auntie Joxxx

Nanny Pen said...

Hi there

Rhonda thinks Maddie is just gorgeous. She wanted to pick her up and give her cuddles.

Lots of love and kisses