Monday, January 22, 2007

Thank you to everyone for the emails, phone calls and text messages
Both me and Madie are doing great, according to her Dad she is the most beautiful baby in the world.
We are undecided really on who she looks like, sometimes I think its Kev and then other times I think my youngest brother Sam, she’s not a red head yet, there’s time though as my hair was really dark when I was born.
I’m trying to take things easy, but it can be frustrating, Kev has to do his major abdominal surgery and imagine rupturing your wound speech to stop me from doing stupid things. To be honest I am feeling quite fragile and I’m still on 10 painkillers a day.
Madie is definitely becoming more settled and we have both almost mastered the art of breast feeding. Kev is the nappy changing King, I have to ask to change her nappies!
The midwives are coming tomorrow to weigh her again and do the heel prick test.

Here are my labour/birth details minus some of the messy yucky parts.
On Wednesday the 17th when I called the hospital to arrange a time for my induction that day they told me they were behind schedule and had a back log of inductions and that it would have to be tomorrow but I was to come in for then to assess and monitor the baby. Little Madie’s heart rate did a few strange dips and because of this they said they would admit me and push me up the list. Luckily I had my suitcase in the car.
They induced at 5pm and said it probably wouldn’t work and we would give me another dose early the next morning, but by the time Kev left at 9.30pm I was getting some mild contractions. At 11pm my waters broke and I was already 3cm dilated, they moved me in to a Delivery Suite and Kev was called in. By 6am the gas and air wasn’t working as my contractions were so close together and it was making me sick, so I had an epidural and I was 7cm. We were all thinking she would be coming before lunch but over the next few hours I just didn’t progress and after a number of examinations they still couldn’t work out which way she was facing. At 1pm they started mentioning c-section, I was so determined not to have one so despite just having a top up of my epidural and marched up and down on the spot for 1 hour trying to get her to descend further. Then when they examined me I was fully dilated but they realised she was back to back, her spine was against mine and her head was in the wrong position, there was a lot of meconium too which meant Madie was getting distressed so a c-section was the only possibility. After that things happened really quickly and within 20 minutes or so she was delivered. I lost almost a litre of blood and have quite a few bruises on my lower abdomen as well as my incision. But they did a blood test and I didn’t need to have a transfusion which was good. I stayed in the hospital for two nights and came home early Saturday afternoon, which I’m really pleased about. Its far more relaxing being in your own home and the midwives have been to see me twice already. Tomorrow I’m having my stitches out, its actually beaded they are held in place by two small beads either side, they take one of and just pull from the other side.


Melissa said...

That is a beautiful photo of the two of you... I think Madie looks like you at the moment :) Melissa xx

Nanny Pen said...

Congratulations from Nanny Pen and Granddad Chook,

Your little girl is so beautiful we just want to reach out and touch her and give her a big love.

We will be looking everyday for updates.

Take care all of you.
Lots of Love xxxx